PhoenixMicro Incorporated is the number one certified training partner for NXP Power Architecture® and ARM® processors for Embedded microcontrollers. Our experienced instructors are experts who specialize, support, and train with these silicon devices.

With a selection of technical courses and expert instructors, PhoenixMicro Inc. serves as an important educational resource for companies designing with complex microprocessors. PhoenixMicro -- which is particularly well known for its training programs -- provides training through a range of learning media.

We offer open-enrollment courses and customized onsite training courses for the following:

PhoenixMicro Course Curriculum
QorIQ Communications Processors (QorIQ: LS-series, T-series, and P-series)

arrow QorIQ LS1046A

arrow QorIQ LS1043A, LS1023A

arrow QorIQ LS2080A

arrow QorIQ LS1021A

arrow QorIQ T4240, T4160, T4080

arrow QorIQ T2080/T2081

arrow QorIQ T1040/42 , T1020/22

arrow QorIQ P5040 P5021

arrow QorIQ P3041

arrow QorIQ P4080/81 and P4040

arrow QorIQ P2020 P2010

arrow QorIQ P101x and P102x

Host and Integrated Host Processors (8641D,MPC8641, MPC8640, MPC74xx, MPC7xx)

MPC8641/D Dual-Core Power Architecture Host Processor

MP74xx including MPC7448Power Architecture Microprocessor

e200 Power Architecture Microprocessor

MPC57xx, MPC56xx, MPC55xx, MPC5xx

MPC5775K Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller

MPC5777M (Materhorn) Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller

MPC5777C (Cobra 55nm) Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller

MPC5746R (Rainier) Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller

MPC5746M (McKinley) Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller<

MPC5676R Power Architecture Multi-Core Microcontroller

MPC5674F (Mamba) Power Architecture Microcontroller

MPC563xM Power Architecture Microcontroller

MPC564x B-C Power Architecture Microcontroller

MPC5567 MPC5566 MPC5554 MPC5553 Power Architecture Microcontroller

MPC5510 Power Architecture Microcontroller

MPC55x/56x Power Architecture Microcontroller

PowerQUICC III (85xx)

MPC8572 PowerQUICC III with dual e500 core

MPC856x PowerQUICC III Power Architecture Host Processor with the QUICC™ Engine

MPC854x PowerQUICC III Power Architecture Host Processor

MPC853x PowerQUICC III Power Architecture Host Processor

PowerQUICC II Pro (83xx)

MPC837x PowerQUICC II Pro Power Architecture

MPC834x PowerQUICC II Pro Power Architecture with Host Processor

MPC832x PowerQUICC II Pro Power Architecture with the QUICC™Engine

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PhoenixMicro is pleased to provide On-line Series of Workshops. We are confident you will find them helpful if you are designing and developing systems based on the PowerPC architecture.

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